Do you ever wonder if your business would operate better with more comprehensive booking data? Could you make more strategic decisions for your property if you had access to data from both your online and offline communication channels? What would you do with that invaluable guest information?

Join NAVIS, GCommerce and Cragun’s Resort for an exclusive webinar. We’ll show you how you can get your data and systems speaking the same language so that you can see more ROI.

You will walk away with:

  • Insights into bringing together your guest data, from both digital reservation and offline reservation channels.
  • An understanding of why it's important to look at both sides of your online and offline data KPIs.
  • Ways to better optimize your marketing campaigns and guest follow-up communication.
  • A greater understanding of your guests’ needs, to make more strategic decisions for your business.
  • The tools and systems you should be using to better collect and optimize your guest data.


  • Lisa McCreary, Director of Search Marketing, GCommerce
  • Sara Weldon-Snyder, Client Advocate, NAVIS
  • Eric Peterson, General Manager, Cragun’s Resort