What will we cover?

Are you stuck in a rut, utilizing old strategies for coaching and training your reservation sales team? Has your team performance plateaued?

Join us for a unique webinar on Thursday, February 21, 2019, where you will hear from our certified training partner Signature Worldwide, with reservation sales expert Alex Lefeld, and NAVIS Senior Client Advocate Becky Wilkins.

You will walk away with:

  • Pragmatic strategies for better reservation sales training.
  • Tools and content that will help with training and organization.
  • An overview of the collaborative effort that went into improving scoring parameters for team coaching, leading to increased team conversion.
  • Action plan for increasing efficiency and positively affecting your bottom line.

The Speakers

Sara Djubek

Sara Djubek, Signature Worldwide
National Director of Sales

I am a results-focused, consultative sales and customer service driven professional. If you are in the HOSPITALITY industry, I can work with your team to drive revenue, reinforce training behavior and set your team up for continuous success. As an active member of the tourism industry, my goals are not only professional but personal - I spend every spare moment looking for new travel experiences all over the world to enjoy and share with others.
Jen Severns

Jen Severns, Signature Worldwide
National Director of Sales

I develop corporate growth by leading expansions into new markets, deeply ingraining within existing markets, and strengthening relationships with key customers. Additionally, I build alliances inside the business, using people management and employee engagement skills throughout my career journey.

Alex Lefeld

Alex Lefeld, Signature Worldwide
Training Account Manager

My improvisational experience qualifies my abilities to innovate, think critically and intuitively, multi-task, and boost team cooperation. These qualities allow me to excel in the business world by improving established business processes, producing quality work on a consistent basis, and acting as a creative visionary for the future.